Sanket Dasgupta↗ ↗


Persistent Systems

Aug 2018 – Present • Full Stack Developer • Pune, India

  • Developed a Chrome extension that bought an archaic email encryption product to the cloud, on modern web technologies. Webpack, ES6, HTML/CSS.
  • Developed an Outlook Web Addin for Outlook suite of products and refactored to use modern tooling and bundling techniques to improve performance by 4x. The addin code was deployed to AWS Cloudfront CDN served over HTTP/2, which led to an additional boost in performance.
  • Separated a monolithic Django codebase that was consumed by the above two client side applications into two smaller services and containerized them using Docker improving both the development and deploying experience.
  • Refactored I/O intensive co de in the Django application to be processed by an asynchronous worker queue that used Redis to store tasks and green threads to interleave tasks which resulted in 17x improvement over response times.
  • Implemented centralized logging for all web services by writing an intermediary web service in Go that publishes all logs to ElasticSearch and visualized important data points using Kibana.
  • Developed, tested and migrated an legacy application to modern web technologies and maintained full compatibility with the legacy application. TypeScript and OpenUI5.

Google Summer of Code

Apr 2016 - Aug 2016 • Open Source Contract Developer

  • Participated with the Python Software Foundation under coala (
  • Created a language independent documentation extraction system.
  • Wrote a language independent plugin that automatically fixes inline code comments and documentation.
  • Gained maintainer access for contribution to the project.


Mentor for Google Summer of Code 2017 and 2020.

Mentored a GSoC student for the coala and Anita-B organization in respective years.

Runner up at HackerEarth IndiaHacks Open Source Hackathon

Contributed to various open source projects to reach the leaderboard on the basis of difficulty of issues triaged.



Python • Django • Docker

A minimal self-hosted URL shortener built using Django built with modern tooling for Python and best practices in mind.

This is also the reference application for modern-django-tooling↗

khol (খোল)


A minimalistic shell written in C with support for redirection, history and pipes.



Opinionated Boilerplate for Web Extensions


Hugo • Tachyons • Netlify

The Hugo theme that runs!

Open Source Contributions

Contributions to NetworkX↗ (a graph library for Python), coala↗ and coala-bears↗ (an opinionated language agnostic linting tool), PostHog↗ (Open Source Product Analytics), PyPA↗ (Python Packaging Authority) and many more↗


Proficient In

  • Python
  • Javascript


  • Django
  • Flask
  • React

Tools • Databases

  • Webpack
  • Redis
  • Docker
  • Git
  • Elastic (ELK)


  • PHP
  • Node.js
  • Go


Academy of Technology

2014 – 2018 • Computer Science • Kolkata, India